Las Vegas relocation guide by top Realtor Corey Blake Teramana and his team
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Las Vegas relocation guide by top Realtor Corey Blake Teramana and his team
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Inside this Relocation Strategy Guide you'll learn about...

How To Get Financially Prepared For Your Purchase

Even if you're months out, learn how to prepare your credit, gather down payment money and evaluate the best lending program available to you so you get the best interest rate and lowest payment possible.

Exactly How The Home Buying Process Works From Start To Finish In Escrow

Get a well-rounded understanding of the title & escrow process. Also learn the tips of how to get your title company, lender and Realtor all working for you to quickly close your deal!

How To Search And Find The Best Available Home 

Discover how to find the best home at the best price without wasting your time on properties that don't fit your needs. Learn about short sales, bank owned properties, Short Sales and high appreciation indicators. 

Saving Money After You Close With These Tips

Learn how to homestead your property and protect your investment. Discover the ways that serious homeowners reduce their monthly expenses and fixed costs with simple tips and plans.
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You will learn how to find the best home at the best price according to your timeline and needs.
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We always say, "Education is king...!" Less than 80% of home buyers actually know what to expect (from A to Z) when buying a home or investment property.

Unfortunately, many of their Real Estate Agents (and even Lenders) are unable to accurately prepare them for this very important process. In the next few hours you will be able to walk away with a complete understanding of everything listed below and more. Learn... 
  • Exactly what to look for when interviewing to a Realtor, Loan Officer or mortgage broker
  • How to secure the best home loan possible during the preapproval process
  • How to get your closing costs covered
  • How to find the perfect property at the best price and what's involved in the searching process.
  • How to write a great offer and what goes into negotiating your purchase price and terms.
  • How to negotiate the best price and terms to your new property if the seller counters.
  • How to save money on your home with timelines and contingencies in your contract.
  • How to save thousands of dollars with a certain type of home inspection and how to get home repairs paid for by the seller.
  • How to easily calculate all of the costs and fees associated with buying your new home ahead of time.
  • How to keep your loan officer working diligently on your file instead of someone elses.
  • How a property appraisal can make or break your deal.
  • How to get your Title Company to work for you.
  • How to get your home loan closed and funded on time.
  • How to eliminate the uncertainty and stress of your home purchasing process! How to look like an experienced home purchaser to the seller so you don't get taken advantage of, even if it's your first time!
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Michael and Yael Bornstein
Thank you for the amazing education and 5 star service! You have gone above and beyond for us. We also love your lender recommendation! We will do business with you again.
Patrick and Jennifer Camp
Our home buying experience has been great because we knew everything to expect ahead of time. We are currently flipping our property for a profit and are very thankful for all of the support!
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