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the las vegas property selling strategy guide with LV homes realtor Corey Blake Teramana
las vegas property selling strategy guide with summerlin realtor corey teramana
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How We Sell Homes For The Most Amount Of Money In The Shortest Amount Of Time
Inside this Property Selling Strategy Guide you'll learn about...

How To Get Prepared Today For Your Sale In The Future 

Even if you're just planning to sell in a few months, learn how to prepare your property now for a quick and profitable sale in the near future. 

Exactly How The Property Selling Process Works

You will fully understand every step in the process of successfully selling your property and exactly what to expect from staging, to negotiations to important timelines!

Ways To Sell Your Property Fast And For The Most Money

Discover how to get multiple offers on your property and create a bidding situation so you make more money and sell it faster than others on the market. Learn how to pick the best offer on your property so you don't waste time with fake offers and unqualified buyers. 

Saving Money After You Close

Learn how to homestead your home and protect your investment. Discover the ways that serious homeowners reduce their monthly expenses with simple tips.
This Course Will Show You EVERYTHING You'll Need To Know
You will learn how to quickly sell your property for the most amount of money and with least amount of hassle possible.
Sponsored by Las Vegas Homes Realtor Corey Blake Teramana
We always say, "Education is important...!" Less than 80% of property sellers actually know what to expect (from A to Z) when selling their property.

Unfortunately, many of their Real Estate Agents are unable to accurately prepare them for this very important process. In the next few hours you will have a complete understanding of everything involved in your property selling process including everything listed below: 
  • How to properly price your property considering its condition, other homes on the market and other properties recently sold
  • How to get multiple offers on your property and create a buying frenzy
  • How to boost your properties value without wasting money
  • The secrets to choosing the best offer to accept in a multi-bid situation and how to negotiate for a higher price and better terms
  • Exactly what questions to ask when interviewing a Realtor to list your property
  • How to get your property marketed for maximum exposure so it sells
  • How to properly structure the selling of your property and the acquisition of your dream home without compromising your bottom line
  • What are the benefits of a 1031 Exchange when you sell your property for a profit
  • How to save precious time and money with counteroffers, timelines and contingencies clauses
  • How to easily calculate your net proceeds from selling your property
  • How to keep your Realtor, the buyers and their loan officer working diligently on closing your deal
  • How a property appraisal can make or break your deal 
  • Understanding the complete Title and Escrow process
  • How to eliminate the uncertainty and stress of your property selling process! How to look like an experienced property seller to the buyer so you don't get taken advantage of, even if it's your first time selling!
Las Vegas Homes Realtor Corey Blake Teramana and the property selling strategy guide
Michael and Yael Bornstein
Thank you for the amazing education and 5 star service while helping us find and close on our home! You have gone above and beyond for us. We also love your service provider recommendation! We will do business with you again.
We have purchased multiple properties with Corey and his team! He has given us a very positive experience on both sides of the transactions. We always knew what to expect ahead of time and felt confident in his ability to protect our best interests. We are currently flipping our property with Corey for a profit and are very thankful for all of the support!
Patrick and Jennifer Camp
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